About New Day, New You

I could make this ‘ABOUT ME’ section really really long. I really could. I could bore you with a long biography you will never read, or suffer through, one or the other. Or I could write you a long,  deep essay about the meaning of life and how it applies to me. But really, I’m not in the mood 🙂 I would rather tell you the meaning of the this blog, through one of my favorite things in the whole world – pictures. So in the words of the classy Julie Andrews..here are a few of my favorite things…and tidbits 🙂 

Sunshine makes me happy


I call myself an ongoing recoverer of Anorexia. Even after you gain the weight back, the mental struggles with food are still there, which is why I consider my struggle ongoing. I am using this blog to work towards healthier eating and recovery, I hope to leave the burdens and demons of this disorder behind me and move on. 

I love to run. No, really I do. You don’t believe me. Ok, I don’t love it ALL the time (I’m not that intense 😉 ) But I do love the clarity the it brings me and I feel my best when I can run in shape

Salmon and greens are le bom diggity. I’m pretty sure nobody says that anymore, but the phrase can totally be resurrected for salmon and kale 

AND Sashimi. Pretty sure I could easily live the rest of my life off of Sashimi and Sushi

Oh yeah..and grilled chicken

AND Oatmeal. I have just discovered the stuff. I was afraid of carbs and avoided them like the plague during the ED days but Oats with Yogurt and Cottage Cheese is my new go to breakfast with…

FRUIT!!! I LOVE FRIUT. If only you knew. Everyone who knows me well enough, knows I how much I love fruit like a crazed woman. Yet, I have never been given a fruit of the month club membership…maybe they don’t know me as well as I think 😉

I’ve also never met a Chobani I’ve didn’t  like..I have been on the hunt for Lemon and Black Cherry for so long, they don’t sell it at my stores!

I am a long time practicer of the Winsor Pilates system designed by Mari Winsor. Pilates makes me feel stronger mentally and physically and I love Mari’s approach and motivation towards pilates! Not to mention it totally gives you a 6-pack in 3 weeks!

I feel my most at peace early in the morning when I first unroll my yoga mat before I start my sun salutations. 

I’m high fashion obsessed. I really don’t want to sound obnoxious but there is a difference. 

I am biased towards CHANEL and love everything they do

Spring is by far my most favorite season. I love color, flowers, and everything pretty — and its all in this season.

 I miss the mid-day tea parties I had when I was 5 

I love Ballet..the costumes, the poise, the dance, the music. Its all magical

Romeo and Juliet is one of the best plays ever written

Roses are beautiful

Audrey Hepburn is my role model for more reasons than I can recall

I know I am about to sound so so cliche…but I really do love long walks on the beach


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