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Strawberry Cheesecake Oats and Fab-U-lous Ladies

19 Apr

Hello Bloggies! 

                 I hope you all had a wonderful Monday! This is my first post at New Day, New You and I can imagine all of…ONE person is reading this right now haha But anywho, I plan on making this blog super fun. Food, Fashion, Pilates, Yoga, Movies, Books, Boys (Zac Efron is always a good topic ;)) blah blah blah the list goes on. I could talk forever if people actually wanted to listen so I’m sure I’ll think of some stuff. I hope you got to check out the re-vamp ‘About Me’ section, if not, take a little detour and join us back here later. Since I am working towards eating better to overcome anorexia I thought I would give you a glimpse into my b-fast, probably my favorite meal of the day. I have always had super healthy food, its just about balanced eating now, versus weight loss. I am working to live on a primarily macro-biotic diet (I have always loved fish/protein and veggies) its just including the good carbs in moderation and not being afraid of them. Fats are harder for me, I am working slowly to allow low fats, but the mental struggle is greater with fats than with whole grains (which I have come to not fear anymore). But enough of this blah blah blah and onto the good stuff..le grub! 

 My new breakfast is called “strawberry cheesecake oats”. Its delish and nutrish. I realize there are a ton of recipes online for this, but I swear I didn’t steal from anybody. My version is essentially 

1/4 cup of cooked oatmeal (I like Steel Cut, but it doesn’t matter)

1/2 cup of lowfat or fat free cottage cheese 

1/8 cup of strawberry yogurt (you could use whatever variety you want for flavor)

1/8 cup of plain greek yogurt (its tangy which provides the cheesecake flavor)

dash of cinnamon and small scoop of raisins 


oh and cause its my b-fast, it is topped with a ton of fruit and sometimes Kashi Go Lean Crunch if I’m in the mood for some crunch. You could use a really cool granola if you wanted (like chocolate :)) I’m just not a granola girl

although…one time I crumbled a Chocowalla bar inside and it was so so delish 

Hurry up and make this tomorrow, I will try and take pictures of my actual bowl soon, its hard for me to work a camera at 8:00 haha 

Now that we’ve conquered breakfast, on to some ladies that I think are just Fab-U-lous just cause its fun to talk about who is cool. I chose these ladies because they are beauty, health, fashion, and people role models. And therefore I think they are Fab-U-lous. You can disagree with me if you want, but please feel free to let me know of anyone I may have missed! Obviously, these ladies are not my only role models, this is just for fun! 🙂

1. Jennifer Aniston (like duh) – how is she not awesome? When I was younger and only knew her as Rachel, I totally wanted to be her and I am not going to lie to you and say that I still do not bring in a photo of her long hairstyles in EVERY time I go to get my haircut/colored (her color of course) 

2. Kelly Killoren Bensimon – I don’t care if you watch RHWNY and you think Kelly is crazy, I think she’s awesome. She is cool, I totally love her style, she runs, she’s fun, fashionable, and she is a mother of two. Plus, I think those shows are over edited for ratings. Plus, once on the show I saw that she used vintage Hermes scarves for pillow cases and I almost died because I have always thought that vintage Hermes scarves would make pretty pillow cases – so my style! The haters are probably just jealous that they don’t look that thin after having two kids. Just sayin

3. Gwyenth Paltrow – Not only is Gwyenth a wonderful actress but she is also a mom, health role model, fabulous cook (her new cookbook My Fathers Daughter just came out and is getting rave reviews), fitness role model, fashion icon, she went to Spain with Mario, and she runs her own website GOOP.COM. The recipe I use for grilled chicken, salad dressing, and all my juices comes from her DETOX newsletter on goop, which I will link you to later. 

Gwyns blog:

Anyway, I would do more but I gotta run! Have a lovely night lovelies! I’ll write back tomorrow. And try Strawberry Cheesecake Oats! 

Ciao 🙂