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The Best Cupcakes in NYC are at…

20 Apr

Hello Bloggitiessss,

I am warning you now that in about 10 minutes there is a slight possibility that you may be racing away from this blog and opening up a tab and your wallet to book a flight to NYC ASAP… and if you already are a Manhattan-ite…I hope you have an umbrella handy to brave the rain and sleet on a walk over to Hells Kitchen, Chelsea Market, or the Village…and if you live in any of those three places right now…well me and everyone else in America are really jealous of you right now..wanna know why?


(caps necessary? oh yes)

duh duh duh dunt dunt dunnnn duhhh

INTRODUCING NEW DAY, NEW YOU’S AWARD FOR BEST NYC CUPCAKES GOES TO…(and it always has cause after I had my first one I refuse to change my mind) 

AMYS BREAD !!!!!!! 

really? you say.. the best?? 

oh yes, the best. Don’t believe me? I’ll let the pictures do the talking 

uhhh huhh told ya. This is my favorite. Classic Yellow with milk chocolate frosting.  But this is not your run of the mill overly sugary frosting..no no.. otherwise I would not approve. I am not a gritty sugary frosting gal, not much of a frosting gal at that. No, this frosting is creamy, fluffy, smooth, almost whippy, and oh so chocolaty. My madre actually eats it and she hates frosting. No, she loves it. anywho, more pictures 🙂

Did silly me forget to also mention that they make delishiously amazingly yummy cake/bread and other stuff??? well, now you know

My brother just had the chocolate twists and he is obsessed

Yup, this is serious 

The Cinnamon rolls are amazing

THIS PLACE IS AMAZING. The food is fresh, baked goods fresh from the oven, the atmosphere is all warm and fuzzy, and you will love everything you get! Trust me, do not go to the city and not make a stop here! Buy anything, I recommend the cupcakes but if you are not a cupcake person, get some bread or a pastry. The food is so yum and its my NYC secret that I am telling you so I hope you take note 🙂

Locations are in Hells Kitchen, Chelsea Market, and Greenwich Village

the link is here: http://www.amysbread.com/locate.htm

Now get off yo butt and go! Or order the cookbook/ make someone near NYC pick you up some goodies ands send them your way 🙂